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Saved Analysis

Save the processed analysis assets as a .RData file. The saved .Rdata can be uploaded to immediately show analysis results.

This is useful for reviewing the results of the same experiment data without having to redo the analysis.


New Peak-Metadata

Download the new "peak metadata" annotation table with metabolite RTs revised based on the cluster of detected chromatogram peaks.

This can be compared aganist the uploaded peak metadata CSV.

Download Data

Metabolite Concentrations

Download the quantified metabolite concentrations based on the master-peak estimation method

Download Data Download Codebook

Master Peaks

Download the master peaks table as CSV. Each master peak metadata contains its RT range and the corresponding targeted peak name etc...

Download Data Download Codebook
Awesome stuff to come :D

GUITar (GUI for Targeted Metabolomics) is developed by Sydney Informatics Hub in collaboration with the Charles Perkins Centre . If you use this software in a scientific publication, we would appreciate citations/acknowledgement.

All data uploaded by or processed for user will be deleted after user exits the website.

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